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The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Slovenia

Larger groups of visitors should announce their arrival in advance to the event organizers who will also provide additional information about the visit.

E.g., 02/26/2024

Grad Rihemberk - Slavnostno odprtje sezone 2018 na gradu

Rihemberk Castle Mighty guard between Vipava Valley and Karst Opening of the castle for visitors in 2018 Rihemberk castle is the mightiest castle and one of the oldest ones in the Primorska region. It is one of the few to have retained its ori...

Zakladnica preteklosti, sedanjosti in prihodnosti.

Mostra di un giovane fotografo sul lavoro in biblioteca nel passato ed oggi. Il giovane fotografo ha risposto al nostro invito e sono così nate le immagini dei vecchi registri e cataloghi cartacei. La mostra offrirà inoltre un confronto con l...

Košulje in žbrince za moderno rabo - odprtje razstave

Meet and greet with Emil Žvab, wicker worker, guided tour of wicker exhibits and leaf basket as motif in the Lojze Spacal artwork. The craft of the traditional wicker in still to this day very interesting in Karst. The pupils of the Dutovlje Eleme...

Površine Krasa: vzorci, strukture, simboli – odprtje razstave

Members of the Association of Fine Arts Professors of the Primorska Region display their graphics through which they reflect the diverse surfaces of the Karst region. The exploration of rocky surfaces, wall structures, wicker, decorations and various...

Lojze Spacal: Motivi kraških domačij v likovni umetnosti

Guided tours of Štanjel and new Lojze Spacal exhibition in his gallery in Štanjel during which we will discover his motifs in their natural environment. Lojze Spacal was among the first artists to recognize the value of the Karst cultural heritage,...

Franc Bernik in njegova kulturno-socialna vloga v Domžalah v prvi polovici 20. stoletja, Odprtje zgodovinske razstave

We celebrate 70th anniversary of the death of Franc Bernik (1870 - 1948), a chronicler and writer, a cultural enthusiast and an versatile social-active Domzale parish priest, after which cultural centre in Domzale today is named. We will present the...