Among the European champions

in the Young Researchers in European Heritage (MRED) competition

Since 2021, Slovenia has been participating in the Young Researchers of European Heritage (MRED) competition, which encourages groups of children and young people (aged 6 to 17) to creatively explore, discover, learn about and understand cultural heritage in their local area and in the wider European context. They put their own stamp and perspective on a shared heritage,

The 2023 call for entries received more than 160 inspiring works from 10 countries.

European winners are proud to announce that Slovenia has been extremely successful. Among the five winning entries in each category, we have winning entries in both categories.

European prize winners in younger categories (6 years -10 years) are first-graders, schoolchildren, from Otočec Primary School, who, under the guidance of Andrea Strgar, asked themselves the question, what is heritage?

European prize winners in older categories (11 - 17 years) are female students Jesenice Secondary School, who gave an excellent presentation of Slovenian beekeeping tradition under the mentorship of Tjaša Kocijančič.

Students Jona, Eva, Tinkara, Gloria, school computer technician Aleš Ravnikar and beekeeper Erik Luznar and mentor Tjaša Kocjančič. At Kamnu Castle in Begunje, Gorenjska.


The official announcement for the younger category (6 years -10 years) will be made online on 24 May 2024, which our young winners will attend and have the opportunity to present themselves.

The prize-winning youngsters in the older category (11-17 years) will visit Strasbourg in September.



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