The Salt Pans Cuisine

The Salt Pans Cuisine

is a multi-year project that, through the presentation of salt pans' food, work and life, introduces, values, protects and preserves the still present, but also increasingly endangered, cultural heritage of salt pans. The events take place in various locations linked to the salt heritage. They include a varied programme which, in addition to the preparation of typical dishes linked to the work and life of salt-makers in the salt pans, also includes lectures, talks, creative workshops and other accompanying activities.

The project is a joint collaboration of many institutions, managers, associations and many other stakeholders.

The way salt is produced in the Piran Salt Pans represents respect, integration and cooperation between man and the environment. It requires the recognition of the dependence and equivalence that salt production establishes through daily and committed engagement. Centuries of activity and the sensitive care of the salt marsh have enabled an exemplary balance to be struck between human labour and needs, and the ecological sustainability made possible by the production of salt according to traditional methods. Salt production has stimulated the development of coastal towns and has established numerous trade routes and human links. In the context of contemporary ecological challenges, the heritage of salt production is perhaps more relevant than ever. Its character makes it an example, an inspiration and a potential, and consequently a necessity to preserve and revitalise the now abandoned parts of the saline cultural landscape.


The events aim to highlight the importance of preserving local eco-crafts, which the heritage of the Piran Salt Pans undoubtedly represents. Despite its exceptional components, without which man's exemplary and fair relationship with the environment is almost unimaginable in the future, the salt works heritage is in danger and must be nurtured with sensitivity, preserved and passed on to future generations.

In 2024, when the European Heritage Days are dedicated to the heritage of cultural routes, networking and connections, the fifth edition of the project will follow the example of previous years. Saltwater cuisine 2024


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Roman oenoma with a depiction of a gladiator, 1st century AD (photo: Tilen Kozamernik).
3. 4. 2024


Solinaria Culinary 2024
22. 4. 2024

The Salt Pans Cuisine 2024/2

Koper, Gravisi Tiepolo Palace, after renovation
7. 6. 2023

ZVKDS: Renovation of the GRAVISI TIEPOLO Palace in Koper


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