Solinaria Culinary 2024

The Salt Pans Cuisine 2024/2

In 2024, the European Heritage Days are dedicated to the heritage of cultural routes, networking and connections, the fifth edition of the Salt Pans Cuisine project will take place. In addition to learning about the cultural landscape of the salt pans, salt pan skills and life, the project focuses on the study, presentation and preparation of dishes related to the culture of living and working in the salt pans. Events will take place again this year in various places linked to the salt works heritage. They include a varied programme of lectures, talks, creative workshops and other accompanying activities.
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Programme 2024


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22. 4. 2024

Invitation to training in the protection of archaeological remains

26. 4. 2024

Opening hours on Friday 3 May 2024

Roman oenoma with a depiction of a gladiator, 1st century AD (photo: Tilen Kozamernik).
3. 4. 2024



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