InnoRenew project

The basic idea of InnoRenew is to develop and operate a new InnoRenew CoE, dedicated to carrying out cutting-edge scientific research in the field of renewable materials. The focus will be on developing industry-relevant innovations, supporting companies in the implementation of R&D innovations, and engaging with public policy makers to promote and support business and research in the forestry and forestry sector.

InnoRenew CoE activities will focus on two technologies that distinguish this Centre of Excellence from other institutions:

  • modification of wood
  • Restorative Environmental and Ergonomic Design (REED).

Modification of wood

(Hydro)thermal, chemical and biotechnological wood treatments increase the durability of wood and broaden its range of applications, both in the manufacture of various products and in non-traditional uses of wood.

Restorative Environmental and Ergonomic Design (REED)

The REED (Restorative Environmental and Ergonomic Design) design system is based on the use of natural resources and the creation of ergonomically designed, accessible, adaptable and sustainable buildings. It benefits people's health and well-being, while restoring nature and ensuring harmonious coexistence between people, the environment and society.


The InnoRenew CoE Centre of Excellence is an independent research institute established in 2017 on the basis of the InnoRenew CoE project.

At InnoRenew CoE, we are researching renewable materials and sustainable construction, and translating scientific knowledge into industrial practice. In this context, we have a special focus on the innovative and interdisciplinary study of wood and its applications.

In addition, the diverse skills of our international team of experts and scientists are combined in A living laboratorywhere they are available to anyone who might need them for their work or plans.



The vision of the InnoRenew CoE is to be a world leader in interdisciplinary built environment science and a role model for international research excellence, industry collaboration and public engagement.



The mission of the InnoRenew CoE is to acquire new knowledge in the field of nature-based solutions, in particular using wood, that promote and accelerate the adoption of regenerative sustainability, by:

  • advances in materials development and processing to optimise efficiency and knowledge,
  • engineered living materials that harness the function and capabilities of living organisms,
  • Design solutions to improve health and sustainability based on Restorative Environmental and Ergonomic Design (REED).

Progress in these areas will contribute to more sustainable forests, a healthier built environment and growth in forestry and wood processing.

More about the project available at here.


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15. 5. 2024

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