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Preserving the traditional appearance of settlements and typical architecture by developing new solutions and raising awareness and educating the population

Architecture of Gorenjska villages


Preserving the traditional appearance of settlements and typical architecture by developing new solutions and raising awareness and educating the population

Call for proposals: LAS Gorenjska Basket

Partners: BSC, Business Support Centre, d.o.o., Kranj, Municipality of Bled, Municipality of Bohinj, Municipality of Kranjska Gora, Municipality of Naklo, Municipality of Radovljica, Development Agency of Upper Gorenjska, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia - Regional Unit Kranj, Centre for Sustainable Rural Development Kranj

Duration of the project:   January 2018 - June 2020 (30 months)

Total project value including VAT: EUR 211,006.25

Value of co-financing ECSRF: EUR 159 998,00



The aim of the operation is to establish an approach to the use of traditional architecture in the sustainable development of settlements through a developed model on the preservation and respect of traditional architecture and the transfer of knowledge on the use of traditional materials for construction and renovation, and recommendations for the sustainable development of settlements, including the restoration of listed buildings and the development of opportunities for the revitalisation of construction.


  • develop an approach for using traditional architecture for sustainable development of settlements,
  • preservation of typical architecture (wooden parts of buildings, use of stone, trestles),
  • restoration of 2 barns and 3 listed buildings,

Providing piles that preserve the traditional architectural heritage of the area.


1. governance and promotion,
2. investment in the conservation of protected architectural heritage,
3. investment in cultural heritage sites,
4. approaches for the conservation of architectural heritage and the sustainable development of settlements:

typological studies for the conservation of architectural heritage and sustainable development of settlements, with a focus on traditional architecture,
Inventory of cultural heritage related to the trestles,
regional zoning of trestles,
practical workshops on trestles, their construction, repair and importance in space,
Awareness-raising material on the Gorenjska kozolc,
Exhibition of the typical typology of the LAS area.

Project results

  • a working model for the integration of traditional architectural heritage in the development of settlements.

Setting up tourist information points in the municipality

Call for proposals: Las Moors

Partners: Municipality of Brezovica, Slovenian Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Ljubljana Moor Landscape Park.

Duration of the project: 1.7.2018 - 31.10.2020

Total project value including VAT: EUR 43 729,74

Value of co-financing: EUR 30.014,13



The project includes the installation of tourist information points at 14 locations in the municipality, which are important from a tourist point of view, as well as locations that receive a large number of visitors on a daily basis (municipal headquarters, local communities, etc.). The installation of tourist information points includes the installation of a signboard and benches. All visitors will be informed about the tourist attractions in the municipality, as well as the more important attractions in the local area where the board will be located. The content of the boards will focus on the presentation of natural and cultural heritage.


  • improving quality of life
  • Preserving nature and the cultural landscape


  • preparation of the DIIP and CBA
  • conceptual design
  • illustrations for the signboard at the lake near Podpeč
  • production of the municipal map, graphic design and coordination of the content of the tables
  • preparing the content of cultural heritage boards
  • preparing the content of natural heritage boards
  • manufacture and installation of signs
  • Benches


  • 14 sites with landscaped outdoor areas
  • 14 sites with preserved natural resources

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5. 10. 2023

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15. 5. 2024

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20. 7. 2023

ZVKDS: Restored orangery of Dornava Manor


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