Invitation to the exhibition

Wooden ceiling from the Church of St. Peter at St. Primož near Kamnik

We present the Church of St Peter above Primož, its ceiling (dated between 1470 and 1480) distinguished by its subtle stencil drawing, the variety of its motifs, which taps into a treasure trove of fairy tales, and its technical consistency. After careful consideration, it was decided that it would be pointless to conserve the painting alone, given the extent of the damage, so a colour reconstruction of the original painting was carried out, preserving all the surviving parts of the original painting.

Organiser of the exhibition

IPCHS, Restoration Centre in cooperation with the Regional Unit Kranj

Mag. Martina Kikelj, Head of the Restoration Centre  

Mag. Nuška Dolenc Kambič, Head of the Wood Department of the Restoration Centre  


Co-organiser of the exhibition Municipality of Kamnik

Head of conservation and restoration Vito Dolničar

Co-workers in the intervention: Rok Dolničar, Mojca Čermelj Dolničar, Igor Brozovic, Katja Kavkler, Mateja Kavčič, Žiga Oražem

Exhibition Project Manager, Conservation Consultant Mag. Maja Avguštin


Setting up and promotion of the exhibition  Ingrid Merlak

Authors of contributions Mag. Maja Avguštin, Vito Dolničar, Rok Dolničar

Interpretation, exhibition and publication design and preparation for print Martin Kavčič

Layout and lighting Rok Hafner, Dr Martin Kavčič

Proofreading Danica Suhadolc, Urška Suhadolc

Photos Vito Dolničar, Rok Dolničar, mag. Maja Avguštin, dr. Martin Kavčič

Printed from Camera d.o.o., Cvetkova ulica 25, Ljubljana

Film Tadej Abram, graphic design, s.p.

History of the church, description of the paintings and conservation and restoration work. For media coverage of the content, photographs are available via


Relevant information for owners gathered in one place.

22. 4. 2024

Invitation to training in the protection of archaeological remains

Roman oenoma with a depiction of a gladiator, 1st century AD (photo: Tilen Kozamernik).
3. 4. 2024


The exhibition space is dedicated to stone. Source_ ZVKDS Photo Library, by Hana Brus, 2024.
26. 3. 2024

Two new designations of cultural monument


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