Training in the protection of archaeological remains

Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia invites you to attend a free training course on the protection of archaeological remains.

Lectures on the use of the Metal Finder will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Saturday, 25. 5. 2024.

Education topics:

  • Presentation of the measures to be taken in the event of suspected illegal disturbance of an archaeological site - the forensic aspect
  • Overview of the development of archaeology as a discipline
  • Starting points and design of a national model for the regulation of amateur archaeological prospecting
  • Collecting and documenting data in the search for archaeological remains with practical guidance and tools
  • Conservation - the importance of first aid for metal archaeological finds
  • Discussion

The free training is open to all interested candidates.

Please apply using the application form at the bottom of this page by 20 May 2024 or until the places are filled, by email to

For any information, please contact us at

After the training, participants receive a certificate from Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia in accordance with Article 32 of the ZVKD-1.

Application form


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