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is a project of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, which aims to stimulate interest in the protection and preservation of cultural heritage among the younger population and to introduce them to concepts in the field of cultural heritage protection in a creative way.

Protecting cultural heritage is a complex and multifaceted process. Dr. France Stele, art historian and the first Slovenian conservator, once said, "Monument conservation is a much more complicated matter than the common man imagines, who thinks that everything is done by a few administrative measures, regulations, rules and generally valid formulas." And he was right.


Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Arts Education

This is also the spirit in which we have designed the Cultural Heritage and Cultural Arts Education corner of the website, as we want children and young people to listen to us more often. We want to show them a different approach to understanding cultural heritage, while at the same time presenting the essence of protecting cultural heritage in an educational and creative way.

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Perkmandlc, children's drawing


Relevant information for owners gathered in one place.

15. 11. 2023

ZVKDS Bulletin Šrajbarski turn Castle

6. 12. 2023

ZVKDS: Mosaic of the SNG Drama

15. 5. 2024

European champions in the Young Researchers of European Heritage (MRED) competition


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