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The Aljaž Turret is undergoing a full-scale renovation in September 2018

The Aljaž Turret, a monument of national importance (heritage register number 5531) and one of the most recognisable Slovenian national symbols, is undergoing a full-scale renovation in September 2018.

For the past 123 years, the tower has been exposed to extreme weather conditions and has lived through many trying historical experiences, notwithstanding the poor treatment it has received from its growing number of visitors which has contributed to the urgency of a restoration intervention. According to today's conservation standards, this can only be performed in suitable workshops. At the IPCHS Restoration Centre, we have designed a renovation plan in collaboration with colleagues that will ensure that the tower will be preserved for future generations.

The renovation is foreseen to be completed by the end of September 2018 when the Aljaž Turret will be returned to its rightful home.