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3. International Symposium on Cultural Heritage and Legal Issues

3. International Symposium on Cultural Heritage and Legal Issues: Management of Cultural Heritage Sites

Date:     20th – 22nd September 2018            Place:    city of Bled

The three main topics are:

  • Legal and administrative bases of cultural heritage sites management
  • Approaches and policies, examples of good practice and challenges
  • Cultural tourism and management of cultural heritage sites


The ICOMOS Slovenia and the Institute for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Slovenia are organizing in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana and with the support of Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and the Bled Cultural Institute the 3rd International Symposium on Cultural Heritage and Legal Issues. The symposium organized in European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 will be dedicated to the management of cultural heritage sites and will take place in Bled between the 20th and 22nd September 2018. We will discuss various problems within the framework of the mentioned themes and in particular the challenges of the management of world heritage sites under the auspices of UNESCO. As already written by Donald Insall: “Good planning is just good management”, both instruments are indeed of major importance for successful protection and active life of cultural heritage sites. A careful and interdisciplinary planning of development activities which considers the significant features of heritage is needed to developsits economic potentials in balance with its potential as tourist opportunities. The symposium will therefore give the broader professional public, as well as everyone who is interested in heritage management, an insight, presented by recognised foreign and domestic lecturers, into the various treatments, methods of work and forms of managements.The symposium deals with several themes of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, #EuropeForCulture: Common heritage: cultural heritage belongs to us all;Heritage for everyone: promoting societal innovations as well as the collaboration of people and communities; and Tourism and Heritage: responsible and sustainable tourism with cultural heritage.

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