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The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Slovenia

The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Cultural heritage is part of who we are, as well as of the environment and the community we live in. It is all around us: in our homes, in the buildings of our villages and cities, it is in libraries, museums and galleries and at archeological sites. Yet heritage is not only priceless finds, boring walls and ancient arts, it is also present in traditional crafts and other intangible histories, in the tales told by our grandparents, in traditional dishes and the old films we so much enjoy watching over and over again. Cultural heritage and its diversity connect us, and thanks to technological development and the internet it is much more accessible today than it has ever been.

2018 is the European year of cultural heritage; the year of many different events, projects and celebrations all over Europe, designed to inspire public interest for cultural heritage, above all among children and young adults.

Join us in the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018!

Check out the event schedule in your area and join us! Then share your impressions or send images of your favourite heritage buildings to be posted on our website. Dust off Grandma's cook book and prepare a dish that will take you back to your own youth, and don't forget to post pictures on the European Year's Facebook and Instagram profiles.



The Year's goal

The Year aims to pinpoint cultural heritage as an essential element of cultural identity, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. It will raise awareness about our extraordinary common cultural heritage, the values that it represents, its societal and development potentials and also about our related rights and duties. We will try to inspire as many people as possible to explore and discover Europe's cultural heritage and to renew their bond with our common European society.

Cultural heritage helps us understand the past and create a better future. It is captured in the year's slogan: »Our heritage: where the past meets the future.«


Key messages:

  • Importance of cultural heritage for the whole society;
  • Economic benefits of cultural heritage;
  • Cultural heritage's role in European cultural diplomacy;
  • Importance of long term protection of cultural heritage, its preservation for future generations.




  • Shared heritage: cultural heritage belongs to us all
  • Heritage at school: children discovering Europe's most precious treasures and traditions
  • Youth for heritage: young people bringing new life to heritage



  • Heritage in transition: re-imagining industrial, religious, military sites and landscapes
  • Tourism and heritage: responsible and sustainable tourism around cultural heritage



  • Cherishing heritage: developing quality standards for interventions on cultural heritage
  • Heritage at risk: fighting against illicit trade in cultural goods and managing risks for cultural heritage



  • Heritage-related skills: better education and training for traditional and new professions
  • All for heritage: fostering social innovation and people’s and communities participation
  • Science for heritage: research, innovation, science and technology for the benefit of heritage


The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Slovenia

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia is actively taking part in the celebrations of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. A few central events will be complemented with countless events organized by museums, galleries and other cultural institutions and other government or civil stakeholders. We are aiming to showcase cultural heritage to everybody, and above all to children and young people, in an interesting and relaxed way in order to encourage active dialogue about its role in the future.

Join us!

Central events:

This Merry day of Culture (Dec 3, 2017)
European Cultural Heritage Days and the Cultural Heritage Week (Sep 2018)
Cultural Bazaar (Apr 5, 2018)
Europe in school (May 9, 2018)
World Bee Day (May 20, 2018)
National conference on arts and culture education in cultural heritage (Dec 2018)



The spirit of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 is promoted and personified by its ambassadors:

Rok Terkaj in Igor Saksida

University professor Igor Saksida and rap artist Rok Terkaj – Trkaj have published a book and music album Kla Kla klasika (Cla Cla Classics) in early 2017. It is a daring pairing of traditional highlights of Slovene poetry and contemporary hip-hop rhythms. Their ambition is to bring together traditional writers and the currently resonant content of their poems from long time ago. In their versions one immediately realizes that the times did change, but our emotions have remained very much the same. This odd couple performs to raving audiences of youngsters and their teachers and definitely stand for a major uplifting of an important part of cultural heritage and its intergenerational appeal.

Just like they mint new rhymes from classical Slovene poetry, all cultural heritage speaks to other contemporary artists and dares them to give new life to something that has been around for a long, long time.




Costella brand of bottled water has been launched in 2006 and its reputation has grown ever since. It is due to outstanding quality of its spring deep in the forest and, in a country with many famous water brands, it has become the first to win the national recognition and licence to use the »I feel Slovenia« tag in its packaging and promotion. The key distinctive element of the Costella brand is the colour green, prominently displayed in its logo – it stands there as a symbol of pristine nature and balance in all aspects in life and work, that is often quoted as very important for Slovene people. Costella has the same goal and thus promotes a healthy active life-style and the virgin environment of its spring and bottling plant. It also strives to bring together people by raising awareness of the importance of protection and sensible management of water.

Team Costella

All these have made Costella a literally natural supporter of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 project. The company is fully committed to its social and environmental responsibility and is a proud stakeholder in preservation of Slovene cultural heritage.

Within the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 Costella will launch a dedicated packaging of its water, and the purchase of each unit will mean a contribution of 1 cent to conservation of Slovene cultural heritage. The company believes that heritage preservation and promotion is of utmost importance for the future and identity of both Slovene state and its citizens.