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The Seventh Issue of the Interdisciplinary Scholarly Periodical RES.

We are glad to announce the seventh issue of the interdisciplinary scholarly periodical RES, dedicated to The Presentation of Wall Paintings – Views, Concepts, and Approaches and separately published in both Slovene and English. The monograph comprises of articles based on the papers presented or prepared for the symposia Retouching and the Issues of Wall Painting Presentation (Škofja Loka, 27 Oct 2016) and The Aesthetic Presentation of Wall Paintings – Problems and Solutions (the National Gallery, Ljubljana, 3 Oct 2017). The presenters and authors of the articles from Slovenia and abroad are experts from different fields, art historians as well as conservators-restorers. Some are employed at heritage protection institutes, some in research or educational institutions, and some are private individuals. Considering different angles, the articles deal with the final presentation of wall paintings that is most complex already in its definition and the understanding of its problems and solutions, let alone their practical execution. In addition, attention has been given also to an otherwise neglected topic in Slovenia, that is the aesthetic aspect of the presentation – a subject matter hard to define because of its cultural and temporal requirements, dependence on numerous factors, preferences of era, historical conditions, and subjective experience.

The topic of the title breaks up into three sections: Historical and Theoretical Foundations, Theory and Practice Abroad and Slovenian Experiences: the Problems and Solutions, and comprises of altogether fifteen articles. The hereby publication realises one of the first scheduled tasks of the Workgroup for the protection and preservation of wall paintings of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. In conserving and restoring wall paintings, the Workgroup assumed the responsibility to accelerate a dialogue, expert literature, education, and raise the quality of scholarly publications. 

The new issue is available  in the  E- library IPCHS..

Mateja Neža Sitar

editor of the RES. publications