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We prepare content of the protection, legislation, exhibitions, publications, and domestic and international projects.


The IPCHS coordinates and participates in various international and domestic project and promotional campaigns. Special attention is given to young people.


The SYDDARTA – System for Digitization and Diagnosis in ART Applications project was run by the Spanish company AIDO. It was aimed at developing a mobile system for digitising cultural heritage studies. The development of a prototype that determines the degradation of artistic objects was carried out on the basis of hyperspectral 3D imaging and studies of Baroque painting technologies. The project was financed as part of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

Revitas – Revitalising the Istrian countryside and tourism in this area

The 'Slovenia, Croatia' IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007–2013 which was co-financed by the European Union included ten partners from both sides of the border. The aims of the project were: to stop the deterioration of the Istrian interior, preserve the cultural heritage, promote the development and tourism integrated products, create joint cross-border tourist destinations and promote sustainable tourism in Istrian rural areas on the basis of their cultural and natural wealth. Thanks to the outstanding cooperation of all the partners involved the project is an excellent example of best practice. 

Perceive, Protect, Preserve

PERCEIVE, PROTECT, PRESERVE is a project by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia with which we want to spark an interest in the younger population for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage, while also familiarising them with concepts from cultural heritage conservation in a creative way.

In this institution that has branches throughout Slovenia, all different types of experts meet and connect on a daily basis – from conservationists and restorers to archaeologists and architects – who with their knowledge in art history, ethnology, archaeology, conservation, restoration, history, architectural, landscape architecture and more, work on preserving cultural heritage. For Slovenian cultural heritage to be introduced to children and youth as much as possible, various activities that emphasise the IPCHS’s mission were organised as part of the project.


Upon the celebration of the 2000-year jubilee of Emona, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (IPCHS) collaborated on an art project called the Modern Face of Emona. The website was set up for this purpose. With this project, the Institute wanted to address various people, primarily young people, as they wanted to familiarise them with Emona and all its transformations from ancient to modern times. The online presence served another purpose, to draw attention to the campaign for collecting old mobile phones to create a new mosaic for Emona, created by the designer and graffiti artist The Miha Artnak. The mosaic was put on display on Kongresni trg in Ljubljana at the beginning of 2015.

HEREIN cultural heritage network

Since 1999, the network has being setting up a permanent information system which connects European governmental institutions that are responsible for preserving cultural heritage. By 2010, as many as 42 countries had become part of the network. It focuses on cultural heritage, building and archaeological heritage in particular, all within the context of the conventions of the Council of Europe. The broad scope of the network’s content aspect encourages and enables politicians, experts, conservation societies and associations, as well as the wider public to initiate projects and establish partnerships regarding heritage conservation. 

SHARED CULTURE, Strategic Project for the knowledge and availability of shared cultural heritage

The project deals with the valorisation and promotion of shared cultural heritage of the Slovenian–Italian cross-border area, which originates from the common historical heritage of the Venetian Republic. One of the project’s main goals is the establishment of an Inter-University Centre for Venetian Historical and Cultural Heritage, which will be located in the renovated palace of Baseggio–Borilnica in the old town centre of Koper.  The centre’s operations will focus on studying, presenting and, with the help of modern information technology, documenting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage with the purpose of preserving it.


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