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We prepare content of the protection, legislation, exhibitions, publications, and domestic and international projects.


The IPCHS coordinates and participates in various international and domestic project and promotional campaigns. Special attention is given to young people.

InterArch-Steiermark - Interactive Archaeological Heritage of Austrian and Slovenian Styria

As part of the 2nd priority of the Operative Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007–2013, the InterArch-Steiermark project established the conditions for the long-term cross-border co-operation of cultural institutions and organisations. This goal was achieved with the continuous intensive communication and frequent exchange of data between the institutions of the programme area.

Life Long Learning Leonardo da Vinci program

The Leonardo da Vinci programme, a sub-programme of the Lifelong Leaning programme, supports professional education and training projects that include partners from throughout Europe. It is primarily intended for young people who, through the programme, can gain new skills, knowledge and qualifications. The programme also strengthens general competitiveness on the European job market.


The project endeavours to resolve the long-existing need for the recognition, valorisation and promotion of the shared cultural heritage of the Slovenian and Italian cross-border area represented by the Kras region. This innovative project that places an emphasis on people and anthropogenic factors that have reshaped the Karst environment into the traditional form it has today. Using research, educational and pilot activities, material will be collected for getting to know the well-known, but untapped potential of the Karst landscape as well as its valorisation. 

PArSJAd – Archaeological parks of the northern Adriatic

The project encompasses the shared archaeological heritage of the northern Adriatic coast, from the Emilia-Romagna region to the Slovenian coast. Nine project partners collaborated on this project to realise the following goals: the realisation of the planned systems of cultural, archaeological and natural entities and their connections to make them more accessible to everyone; the exchange of experiences regarding archaeological didactics, the cataloguing of archaeological heritage within the project, creating a database of good practice; the creation of a virtual archaeological park of the northern Adriatic; the realisation of pilot projects to increase activities in chosen areas, and to make the chosen locations more accessible to the general public.

e-Pedius – Crowdsourcing support for the reassembly of wall-painting fragments

The IPCHS Restoration Centre together with the Jožef Stefan Institute is developing e-Pedius, a solution that works as an e-service and mobile application to support crowdsourcing for the reassembly of wall-painting fragments. The new solution is an upgrade of the previous project and will be available to all interested parties who will be able to access it with tablets, laptops and desktop computer, and will allow non-experts to reassemble the fragments into new layouts, continue on the reassembly of existing layouts, and evaluate ones already made. 


The Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, Serbia is the coordinator of this project. The project is aimed at the development of modern protective materials and cultural heritage conservation, protection and renovation techniques. As part of the project, the synthesis of new materials, creation of a methodology, their testing as well their application to chosen cultural and historical buildings (e.g. Bač, Dornava) is foreseen. The project was financed as part of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.


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