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Charter builds bridges.

In Ljubljana new groundwork for the connection between education and the profession in the field of protection of the cultural heritage will be laid.

Institute fort he Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia will host an online general meeting of the #Erasmus+ project, called #CharterAllianceEU between the 1st and 3rd December 2021. The project with its numerous 47 partners will try to bridge the gap between the educational system in the field of cultural heritage with the actual demands and changes in the labor market, with the purpose of making this sector more economically responsive and active.

The December meeting will be organized under the title Building Bridges - with which the organizers want to emphasize the basic goal of the Charter project, which is to create new connections between national educational programs, professions, sustainable and modern technologies.
The general meeting will focus on the legislation in the field of cultural heritage protection  and the educational opportunities and structures in Slovenia, following with the overview of this sector in the countries of the Western Balkans. A special attention will be given to the young, that will be granted an exclusive opportunity to describe the challenges they are facing after entering the labor market.

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