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70th anniversary of Varstvo spomenikov

The jubilee 50th edition of Varstvo spomenikov commemorates the publication on the conservation and protection of cultural heritage – Varstvo spomenikov. The jubilee 50th edition of Varstvo spomenikov you are now reading commemorates the publication of the first issue of the journal in 1948, as the "Gazette of the Institute for the Protection and Scientific Study of Cultural Monuments and Natural Curiosities, Vol. 1, No 1". The editorial that opened this first issue contained the following observations: "The measure of a nation's culture and maturity is expressed to the utmost extent in efforts to protect and study cultural monuments, which in addition to their particular scientific or artistic and aesthetic value often also represent significant material value." The awareness that cultural heritage forms our identity and everyday life is what guided the writers of the editorial to remind us that: "All of us have a duty to esteem and respect the creative endeavours of countless past generations, the expressive power of their work and the documentation of their lives, and to familiarise ourselves with the principles and tasks of monument protection in our living present, which finds us at the point of transition between the decline of the old and the rise of the new…" All of this obliges us to deepen, through proper education, our awareness "...of the urgent need to conserve important cultural assets for which we bear the responsibility to our own nation, our descendants and the world."

All of these considerations from seventy years ago remain valid today: the importance of cultural heritage for wider society, the contribution of cultural heritage to the economy, the role of cultural heritage in European cultural diplomacy and the importance of the long-term protection of 
cultural heritage, all of which are marked by this year's European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

The new articles in this jubilee edition of the journal are an indication of the diversity and interdisciplinary character of the conservation profession in this country, which over the decades has developed into a modern and well-developed professional discipline that has done an enormous amount to 
protect and manage Slovenia's cultural heritage.

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