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Učenje starih obrtniških veščin značilnih za Vipavsko dolino

Občina: Ajdovščina
Regija: Goriška regija

Lokacija dogodka:
Garaža - Vilharjeva ulica 20q

Link dogodka:
Link dogodka

Kontakt za prijave / informacije:
Zavod BETA Institut za razvoj druzbe

Spletna stran:

Zavod BETA - Inštitut za razvoj družbe

Delavnica se bo izvedla v Garaži na Vilharjevi ulici 20q, 5270 Ajdovščina

Čas dogodka
23. 09. 2023, 10:00-12:00
Odpiralni čas: 10:00-12:00

Event description

Heritage, which also includes memories, knowledge and skills in the production of handicraft and technical products, gives us a sense of security, warmth, freedom and love. We should be proud of it, as it shows the effort, creativity, aesthetics and adaptation of our ancestors to the natural environment. Sometimes our ancestors had to live in harmony with nature and carefully use natural resources such as plants, wood, stone, water, metal and earth. Rapid technological development and progress in the field of industry have indeed improved the quality of life, but at the same time they have significantly destroyed natural resources, which today is manifested in, among other things, climate change and natural disasters. Solutions for modern challenges can therefore also be sought in the past experiences. The modern way of life does not allow many of us to sit down in the evenings in the winter by a pile of beech, sarabot or willow and make tea, loot or wood from them. A little more knowledge has been preserved in the processing of wood, metal and stone. Some women also insist on sewing, embroidery, beading and crocheting. But what if we don't know how to appreciate the effort that goes into making one handmade product. It is also no longer fashionable to put a handmade napkin in a basket with bread, biscuits or fruit. We rarely go to the store with a wicker tea bag or checker. When preserving or reviving old handicrafts, it is therefore important to evaluate knowledge according to today's way of life and values. Modern studies show that the implementation of old skills allows people to relax, forget about everyday problems, learn ways to persevere, precision, creativity, solve the consequences of depression, anxiety, stress, burnout. To have a good time, to make their own product and to give it to their relatives and friends with their soul. Therefore, the purpose of the workshop, led by masters and bearers of old craft skills, is to make a product from natural materials and to learn old skills typical of the Vipava Valley. Participants will learn how the heritage of old handicraft skills shows personal creativity, shows the natural and cultural peculiarities of the environment, offers a historical connection with our ancestors and represents the opposite of serial and mass machine production. In heritage, they will look for the answer to how to find time to calm down, train perseverance, patience and precision, and escape from the virtual world.

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