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Na obisku pri grajskem tiskarju

Občina: Mestna občina Celje
Regija: Savinjska regija

Lokacija dogodka:
Stari grad Celje, Cesta na grad 78

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Zavod za kulturne prireditve in turizem Celeia Celje

Čas dogodka
26. 09. 2023, 09:00-19:00

Event description

Visiting the Castle Printer Children, young people, adults, families and groups are invited to the Old Castle of Celje to visit the Castle Printer Mark. He will reveal all the secrets of the printing profession as it was known in the past, present a reconstruction of Gutenberg's wooden printing press and demonstrate printing on handmade paper with historical clichés and lead letters. Visit the Castle Printing House at the Old Celje Castle and meet our Castle Printer Mark!

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Grajski tiskar, Stari grad CeljeGrajski tiskar, Stari grad CeljeGrajski tiskar, Stari grad Celje
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