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PISKAJ IN MUĆI!, glasbena delavnica

Občina: Mestna občina Koper
Regija: Obalno-kraška regija

Lokacija dogodka:
Etnološka zbirka, Gramscijev trg 4/5

Kontakt za prijave / informacije:
Tina Novak Pucer

Spletna stran:

Pokrajinski muzej Koper

Čas dogodka
07. 10. 2023, 10:00 - 13:00

Event description

Marino Kranjac is a string player and musician who has been actively involved in Istrian folk music since 1986. He is also a teacher and for many years has been conducting music workshops of Istrian folk music in schools, kindergartens, music schools and camps. The workshop is suitable for primary school children from 4th through 9th grade, which can also be attended by the parents or grandparents of the participant children, and in this way, it can also serve as an intergenerational get-together activity. The workshop program: 1. Presentation of Istrian folk musical instruments made of reeds (kanela) and other simple musical instruments and sounds 2. Making nunalca or nonola from reeds (kanela) 3. Whistling on the nunalca and playing on sounds 4. Making a whistle of laurel 5. Whistling and singing 6. Discussion about the workshop and Istrian folk music The purpose of the workshop is to pass the knowledge of making some simple Istrian folk musical instruments to the participants, who will thus themselves become the bearers of knowledge of this intangible heritage, as well as to learn how the instruments are made, later how to make their own musical instruments and be able to pass that skill on. They will also receive knowledge about the performance of Istrian folk music. They will be also able to do this independently later.

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