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Občina: Brežice
Regija: Posavska regija

Lokacija dogodka:
Brežice, Trg izgnancev 14

Link dogodka:
Link dogodka

Kontakt za prijave / informacije:
(tajništvo šole) T 07 499 23 50 in (kurator razstave ) M 041 713 067

Spletna stran:

Gimnazija Brežice

(soorganizator1) KUD Franjo Stiplovšek Gimnazija Brežice (soorganizator2) Unesco ASPnet šola

Čas dogodka
25. 09. 2023 - 27. 11. 2023, 18:00
Odpiralni čas: 08:00-15.00 v času pouka

Event description

The art exhibition "RESTAURATEURS OF OUR FRESCOES" represents the rare and valuable profession of a restorer. It takes on a special role in the era of digitization, 2D and 3D printing and virtualization. Restaurateurs remain riders of historical heritage. The exhibition shows the professional attitude towards our unique frescoes by the Viennese painter Josef Edgar Kleinert from 1923 at the school. They are located in the space of the former presbytery above the GIGA gallery, which houses this exhibition. The photographs document the work of the restaurateurs since 2012, when the frescoes were revealed during the renovation of the old part of the Gymnasium building, through sondage, discovery, conservation, understanding and planning of their fate and the brand "Brežice - the city of frescoes". Brežice is very lucky to be exceptional in its rich historical wall painting. They have six fresco spots: the knight's hall, the castle staircase, the castle chapel, the pilgrimage church of St. Rok, parish church of St. Lovrenc and the high school presbytery in the former monastery Franciscan church of St. Anthony of Padua with our secco frescoes. With their full restoration and the removal of the intermediate floor plate, we would gain the representative space of the school's multifunctional and event hall open to the public. We would become the only school in the country with such a design and with murals in general.

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