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Gradimo prihodnost kulturne krajine Krasa

Občina: Sežana

Lokacija dogodka:
Bazovica, Ul. Iva Grudna 19

Kontakt za prijave / informacije:
Karin Lavin

Spletna stran:

Karin Lavin, Zavod Anima Mundi

Partnerstvo kraške suhozidne gradnje, Park Škocjanske jame, Osnovna šola Karel Destovnik - Kajuh in Primož Trubar Bazovica

Čas dogodka
24. 09. 2022, 09:00-17.00

Event description

Cooperation with schools and kindergartens is based on the model we developed at the start of the Karst Dry Stone Wall Construction Partnership, and which we are constantly upgrading in the public information and awareness-raising work group. In addition to workshops, we organise competitions and other activities for young people, such as rebuilding with the adoption of a dry stone wall near the school. With the ethnological competition, which we organise regularly, we try to gather testimonies of older generations about their youthful experiences with dry stone walls, thus recording fragments of the disappearing history and encourage children to appreciate heritage. STONE-A-THON (KAMENTON) Since the first repairs of dry stone walls near schools, we have continued with high-profile all-day dry stone wall repair campaigns, which we named STONE-A-THON (KAMENTON). The name is derived from 'marathon' because the campaigns last all day. And because the stones are heavy and it is a big event for the children, we write the name in capital letters. Up to 100 children from Karst, from schools and kindergartens on both sides of the border, line up in two-hour intervals in small groups, repairing the dry stone wall under the mentorship of dry stone wall skill holders and practitioners. After the initial introduction and connection with the landscape and the stone, exercises of empathising and sensing the heritage, as well as an explanation and discussion of the types and importance of dry stone wall, a group of 15 children starts repairing the wall. Dry stone wall construction skill holders and other practitioners explain the basics of stacking stones. Each of them mentors five children, regularly providing guidance and assistance in construction. The youngest children help by collecting debris in buckets to fill the centre of the wall. Parents provide assistance if they have the experience and necessary knowledge, or they learn about the activities as they go. We always try to include the locals from the town where the STONE-A-THON (KAMENTON) takes place. Parents are also involved in the construction, bringing the children to the site, as it is important that they also learn about the work of children in the workshop, as this ensures better understanding and support. At the workshop, they learn the basics of repairing Karst dry stone walls and the importance of heritage, which improves awareness among the adult population.

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