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We prepare content of the protection, legislation, exhibitions, publications, and domestic and international projects.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Slovenia

Larger groups of visitors should announce their arrival in advance to the event organizers who will also provide additional information about the visit.

E.g., 09/25/2023

Kreativni pri ponovni uporabi

The lecture by Mojca Košmrlj, author of books with eco content, will include an explanation of the world of consumerism, waste decomposition, what we can do for a cleaner environment, a description of experiments, papermaking and reuse of waste. The...

Trajnostna dediščina in njen pomen


Pri babici in dedku

Our grandmothers and grandfathers can help us become aware and maintain our cultural heritage as an inexhaustible source of old craftwork knowledge and skills. They can help and inspire us while awakening the old craftwork skills which are rapidly di...

Lonec nekoč in danes

A cultural day for 8th grade pupils of Gornja Radgona Primary School with a wide range of presentations, workshops and a guided tour of the castle. Learn about the importance of pottery and pottery products in everyday life in the past and today. M...

VIZUARIJ, fizična in online likovna zbirka

VISUARY is a permanent collection of redundant visuals of former students and professors of the school. We begin it with a list of visual authors and art historians, which we publish in the giga virtual gallery and on the wall of the school hallways....

Po sledeh gledališke zgodovine, vodstvo z delavnico

“Every other art can wait to be judged and valuated; only theatre is attached to moments.” (Oton Župančič) However, these moments also leave sustainable traces that can be carefully collected, documented, studied and critically evaluated in or...