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The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Slovenia

Larger groups of visitors should announce their arrival in advance to the event organizers who will also provide additional information about the visit.

E.g., 03/24/2023

Mleko nekoč in danes

The project called Milk in the Past and at Present has been set as a creative research. It is part of the extended programme Healthy Food and Diet. Students learn about traditional and modern methods of milk production, about the conversion of milk i...

Alpski mik, mestni šik - Ogled Kranja

Kranj, the city built on a rock between two rivers, was in the past already known as a lively centre at the foot of the Alps. Can you imagine how many stories the city has to tell with its 6000 years of history?

Predstavitev krasilnih tehnik in Kreativne delavnice z restavratorji

In their work, conservator-restorers often come across wall paintings from different periods, and recently there has been a particularly frequent initiative by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage to preserve decorative wall painting...

Od zrna do zrna

Visitors will be introduced to cereals that were once or are still grown in the Kočevje region, their names in different languages, their use and related games.

Odprta vrata Muzeja Oplenova hiša

Welcome to the Free guided tour through Oplen House museum.

Odprta vrata Planšarskega muzeja

Free entry to Alpine Dairy Farming Museum in Stara Fužina.