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The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Slovenia

Larger groups of visitors should announce their arrival in advance to the event organizers who will also provide additional information about the visit.

E.g., 03/24/2023

Semena in sadike naših babic

We will dedicate the open week to (sustainable) gardening. We will collect seeds and seedlings that are passed down through the families of our students and fellow citizens from generation to generation. This week’s lesson will be dedicated to gues...

Mali simpozij - Vodotoki

Primary school students will present papers whose subject of research are watercourses that people have used for various purposes (such as transport routes, energy sources, fishing and crayfish hunting, dams and ponds, defensive ditches, bridges . . ...


This year in Koper Kindergarten we will get acquainted with cultural heritage under the motto "Sustainable heritage persistently", as we want to bring children closer to the values of sustainable development and sustainable lifestyle throug...

Še ne videna Ljubljana v Plečnikovem letu

Members of the study group "Let's get to know our city and homeland", which operates under the mentorship of Mag. Olga Paulič, will present lesser-known attractions of the city of Ljubljana, which they searched for in different parts ...

Ob 150. obletnici rojstva Jožeta Plečnika in njegovo delo v cerkvi sv. Janeza Krstnika v Trnovem

Members of the the study group Let's get to know our city and homeland under the mentorship of mag. Olga Paulič and members of the Finžgar's Gallery under the leadership of arch. Uroš Pust studied Plečnik's rich sacral art in the ...

Medvedova sušilnica sadja

We will visit the hilly world of the village of Liberga, which was first mentioned in 1406. We will see one of the best preserved still functioning smokeless fruit dryers in central Slovenia – Medved's fruit dryer in Liberga. The dryer was bui...