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The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Slovenia

Larger groups of visitors should announce their arrival in advance to the event organizers who will also provide additional information about the visit.

E.g., 10/02/2023

Dnevi odprtih vrat

As part of the European Heritage Days, the Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor traditionally opens its doors and offers visitors a free visit to the former medieval Jewish synagogue in Maribor and current exhibitions in it. The Marib...

Ulica Osvobodilne fronte 15, 6310 Izola

Mestna knjižnica Izola vabi na 105. srečanje z »ZANIMIVI IZOLANI«. Tokratni gost večera bo SANDI RADOLOVIČ, ki pozna morje in ljudi - kot ribič in kapitan ladje Zlatoperka, ki je namenjena turistom in linijskim prevozom potnikov med obalnimi...

Mojster se predstavi

A cultural day for 8th grade pupils of Gornja Radgona Primary School with a guided tour of the castle, a presentation of the masters of local crafts (willow basket weaving, potter, folk brass player), the Glass School from Rogaška Slatina and variou...

Učenje starih obrtniških veščin značilnih za Vipavsko dolino

Heritage, which also includes memories, knowledge and skills in the production of handicraft and technical products, gives us a sense of security, warmth, freedom and love. We should be proud of it, as it shows the effort, creativity, aesthetics and ...

Pokaži in nauči tudi mene...

In individual groups, we will focus on old, perhaps already forgotten, skills and habits and get to know some professions that have completely died out due to the industrial age. We will also prepare a meeting with the creators and enrich the event w...

Kulturni dan - dragocena znanja, spretnosti in poklici

The school will hold a cultural day, which we have been running for several years as part of the DEKD, where pupils from Years 1 - 9 will learn about old crafts, the professions of the future, and the skills and values we need to teach young people t...