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Draženci, removing murals from Roman tombs

As part of the archaeological survey on the motorway route from Draženci to the Gruškovje international border crossing, a tomb with fragments of painted plaster on three of its inner walls was uncovered at the Lancova vas Roman settlement site (EŠD 27972). Despite the tomb having been raided and severely damaged, the fragments remained preserved in their original positions on the wall and there were also quite a few fragments found in the deposits in the tomb. As these types of finds are extremely rare in Slovenia, this discovery is of great cultural and historical value.

The archaeological survey was carried out by JV PJP d.o.o. and it was led by archaeologist Primož Predan. The tomb with the fresco was located in a section that was being surveyed by Arhej d.o.o. Supervision over the conservation was done by archaeologists Andrej Magdič and Danijela Brišnik.

Due to the nature of the project (construction of a motorway junction), it was not possible to keep the fresco at the place of its discovery. Thanks to the restorers at the Restoration Centre, they were able to remove (detach) the mural fragments from the plaster in the tomb and transfer them to our restoration workshops.

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