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Helpful tips for owners

Here you can find out whether your building is listed in the Register of Cultural Heritage, as well as find the forms (applications) for obtaining cultural protection conditions and consent for the implementation of preliminary archaeological surveys, etc

Listed heritage

Does your building have the status of immovable cultural heritage?

Is your land or property within a registered archaeological site?

You can find the answer to both of these questions in the Register.

The Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage is the official, computerised database of cultural heritage in Slovenia that falls under the competency of the state. Anyone can submit an initiative for a building’s declaration and entry into the Register, but it is the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia which formally draws up a proposal.

Cultural protection conditions and consent

How to obtain the cultural protection conditions and consent?

Before initiating any undertakings to cultural heritage or to plots of land within registered archaeological sites, it is necessary to submit a application to the competent IPCHS Regional Office to obtain the cultural protection conditions or consent.

In the application for cultural protection conditions it is necessary to state the purpose of the undertaking and enclose the project documentation required to obtain the conditions for construction. If the undertaking does require a building permit, a sketch or outline must be submitted with the application as well as a description of the undertaking. The application can be submitted directly or by post to the competent regional unit.

Undertakings to archaeological heritage

After receiving the cultural protection conditions for carrying out an undertaking to an archaeological heritage, it is necessary to perform a preliminary archaeological survey prior to obtaining cultural protection consent for the purpose of obtaining a building permit. At the Ministry of Culture you can authorise the IPCHS Centre for Preventive Archaeology to perform the preliminary archaeological survey and conduct the proceedings to obtain cultural protection consent for the survey. 


If an investor is building an apartment for their own needs or non-profit apartments that are being built on a building plot in a registered archaeological site within a settlement, they can request for the archaeological survey to be financed from the state budget at the Ministry of Culture. In accordance with the amendment to the Rules (Official Gazette 37/11), the Ministry of Culture finances these types of protective archaeological excavations on the basis of a proposal once per year. In all other cases, the investor in the undertaking is the one to bear the costs of the archaeological protective excavations and post-excavation work done to the site.


Conservation plan

In cultural protection conditions, the requirement to prepare a conservation plan may be listed as a condition to obtain cultural protection consent.

The Design and Planning Department of the IPCHS Restoration Centre plans undertakings to architectural heritage and prepares conservation plans. The undertakings are overseen with the supervision and coordination of work.

Rules on the conservation plan

Subsidies, loans and calls to tender for renovations and maintenance

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Calls to tender from municipalities

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