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Celje, Ceiling of Celje

In autumn 2015, the IPCHS Restoration Centre carried out a sampling and created a record of the condition of the Ceiling of Celje – of the ceiling paintings that are located in the Old Count’s Mansion in Celje. Today, this is the location of the Celje Regional Museum. The artwork is painted on canvas that used to be glued to wooden panels. The entire work is made up of 11 paintings that cover a total area of almost 150m2. Matej Sternen carried out the conservation and restoration of the paintings in the 1920s. Over 600 samples were taken during the sampling. Only a careful analysis of these samples will be able to reveal information how the original paintings and then the later ones were made, as well as what negative effects outside influences have had on the materials used in the paintings. Microbiological analyses of the individual paintings were also carried out in addition to an inspection of the ceiling using a thermographic camera. 


The year 2016

Monitoring will be carried out in 2016. On the basis of the results gathered, a team of experts from the IPCHS Restoration Centre will evaluate the level of damage to the ceiling and, together with associates from the Celje IPCHS Regional Unit and experts from the Celje regional museum, decide on the work needed to be carried out to stabilise the surroundings and save the artwork.

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