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Celje, ancient mosaics

As part of the renovation of public spaces in the old town centre of Celje, which is protected as a settlement and archaeological cultural monument, incredible archaeological remains of a Roman villa were discovered during archaeological surveys done in 2013/2014. Among these remains there was a black, and a black and white, mosaic with a central ornamental motif, both were surrounded with the original parapet preserved perimeter walls painted with colourful frescoes. Discoveries from Roman times further enrich the architectural remains of the house from the Middle Ages – the town armoury. The main square during its archaeological survey.


Presentation at the discovery site – “in situ”

Due to the recent archaeological discoveries changing the map of the late-Roman as well the Middle Age period in Celje, in addition to the findings being exceptional on both a wider Slovenian and European scale, the conservation profession assessed that the archaeological findings need to be preserved and presented at the discovery site - “in situ”. To prevent any further deterioration, the IPCHS Restoration Centre and the Celje Regional Museum swiftly performed the necessary work to temporarily protect the archaeological remains using interventional funds from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, while the Celje IPCHS Regional Unit drew up key points from a expert perspective regarding the long-term protection and presentation of the discovered remains in a transparent exhibition pavillion.

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