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Brežice Castle

The hall before and after the renovation

The renovation of Brežice Castle began in autumn 2010. The IPCHS Restoration Centre carried out conservation and restoration work on the wall paintings and on the wooden Baroque stairways in the knight’s hall – the largest Baroque-style painted profane space in Central Europe. The paintings were made by Karel Frančišek Remb (1674–1718) at the beginning of the 18th century.

The conservation and restoration of frescos is one of the most challenging restoration projects we experienced in recent times, both because of the technological difficulty and the extent of the paintings. The total surface area of the painting amounted to 1037.74m2, of this 506.74m2 was on the ceiling.

The frescos on the walls depict ancient landscapes, while the curved transition of the walls to the ceiling depict scenes from ancient mythology and Renaissance literature, and the ceiling contains depictions from the arts and sciences. The Attems coat of arms can be found on both narrow sides of the ceiling.

The Baroque staircase before and after the renovation

The three-hundred-year-old Baroque staircase made of pine and poplar was severely damaged due to insects and general wear and tear. Some of the completely worn out pieces were replaced with new ones, while the others were restored.

The head of the restoration work done to the wooden ceiling construction and ceiling paintings was Rado Zoubek and his team, while Nuška Dolenc Kambič restored both wooden Baroque staircases together with her associates.

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