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We prepare content of the protection, legislation, exhibitions, publications, and domestic and international projects.

About us

The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia is a public institute that carries out professional and administrative tasks with regard to the preservation of immovable and corresponding movable property and intangible cultural heritage


Tasks of the IPCHS

  • Identifying, evaluating and documenting cultural heritage
  • Preparing proposals for entering heritage into the register kept by the Ministry of Culture
  • Drawing up conservation plans and restoration projects
  • Supervising building, research and protective undertakings; and their implementation;
  • Supervising and executing archaeological surveys
  • Providing helpful advice to owners of cultural heritage; education and popularisation.

Organisational structure

The institute is composed of two main organisational units: The Cultural Heritage Service and the Conservation Centre.

The main duties of the Cultural Heritage Service are: to identify, document, study, evaluate, interpret and promote immovable heritage and its corresponding movable and intangible heritage. Cultural Heritage Service comprises 7 Regional Offices that operate throughout the country.

The Conservation Centre brings together the direct implementation and research assignments in the field of restoration and preventive archaeology.  Furthermore, it manages the scientific research development of the conservation and restoration discipline. Under the auspices of the Centre for Preventive Archaeology operate the Restoration Centre, Centre for Preventive Archaeology and the Research Institute.

The Development and IT Service operates in field of international cooperation – regarding projects and IT.

Strategic goals 2015–2019

  • Ensure the effective professional and legal protection of heritage while respecting international conventions that the Republic of Slovenia has adopted, and enable its integration into modern life.
  • Provide stable funds for the operation of the state public services and obtain additional financial resources for the implementation of projects.
  • Improve the organisation and work methods as well as the homogenous functioning of the institute.
  • Create professional standards for monument protection.
  • Popularise cultural heritage and its protection.
  • Increase the role of Slovenian cultural heritage on an international level.

Catalogue of publically available information

IPCHS bodies

​Managing Director

Janez Kromar v.d., Managing Director

Administration | Secretarial office of the Managing Director

Poljanska cesta 40 | 1000 Ljubljana | Telephone 01/23 43 100 | Fax 01/23 43 176 | E-mail |


Members of the board appointed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on 5.12.2013

Luka Ivanič (president) | Barbara Mlakar | Anka Oražem | Rok Žnidaršič | Svjetlana Kurelac (employee representative)

Tasks of the board

  • Supervise the legality of the institute’s work and operations.
  • Monitor, analyse and assess the institute’s operations.
  • Propose an audit of the operations to the founder, which can be performed by an internal auditor.
  • Assess the work of the Managing Director and of the assistants to the directors.
  • Give consent to the strategic plan, work programme, financial plan, systematisation of the staffing structure, organisation of work, HR plan, procurement plan and investment maintenance, as well as the institute’s collective agreement, and supervise their implementation.
  • Rule on employee complaints that refer to rights, responsibilities and duties of the employees pertaining to their employment relationship.
  • Give a preliminary opinion on the appointment and dismissal of the Managing Director and assistants to the director.
  • Appoint the members of the advisory board.
  • Conclude the employment contract with the Managing Director.

Advisory board

Members of the advisory board 

Prof. Matej Klemenčič, PhD (president) | Barbka Gosar Hirci, MA (deputy president) | Assoc. Prof. Tamara Trček Pečak, MA | Boris Deanovič, MA | Asoc. Prof. Maruša Zorec | Matija Črešnar, PhD | Eva Sapač, PhD | Robert Peskar, PhD (head conservator) | Janez Kromar (director of the Conservation Centre) 

Tasks of the advisory board

  • Monitor and assess the institute’s operations and the policies of its founder,
  • Determine the suitability of the strategic plan and the work programme in view of the purpose for which the institute was founded,
  • Handle issues regarding the professional aspect of the institute and submit opinions, proposals and initiatives for the resolution of these issues to the Managing Director,
  • Give a preliminary opinion to the founder on the appointment and dismissal of the Managing Director,
  • Submit other initiatives and proposals with regard to the institute’s operation,
  • Carry out other tasks in accordance with applicable regulations and this decision.

Media centre

Public relations combines information on the work and achievements of all the organisational units of the IPCHS and makes them available to the public. With our work we endeavour to contribute to the dissemination of ideas, behaviour and knowledge that are brought together by experts from various fields within the diversified system of the IPCHS.

We place a special emphasis on media relations. We strive to provide the media with the relevant information as quickly as possible, which is why we hold press meetings and regularly publish information on the institute’s website, in press releases and on the IPCHS’s social media, etc.

We ask that representatives of the press send their questions to

Poljanska cesta 40 | 1000 Ljubljana  | T 01/23 43 174 | E


Any use of the corporate identity in any application must be approved by the Public Relations department of the IPCHS.

Library services

The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Library is a specialist library which supports the work and research process of its parent institution. As part of its library services, it collect material from the fields of restoration, conservation, art techniques, architecture, the building industry, sculpture, painting and archaeology.  The material is freely accessible and according to universal decimal classification rules.

The IPCHS has been a full and active member of the COBISS system since 2004, which is why the catalogue of publications is also available online.  In addition to the selection, purchasing, content and formal processing, storing and forwarding material, it also creates and arranges personal bibliographies and researcher bibliographies.

The library is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00

For outside users: every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.00 to 11.00 or prior to agreement

Contact details: Marjeta Drešar, univ. dipl. bibl.  |  Poljanska cesta 40 | 1000 Ljubljana  | T 00386 123 43 184 | F 00386 123 43 176 | E

Contact details

Public Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for the Protection of Cultural Heritage – IPCHS

Conservation Centre |  Restoration Centre |  Research Institute |  Administration

Poljanska cesta 40 | 1000 Ljubljana  | T 01/23 43 100 | F 01/23 43 176 | E

Centre for Preventive Archaeology 

Poljanska cesta 40 | 338 Ljubljana  | T 08/20 50 720 | F 01/25 11 515 | E

Cultural Heritage Service | Development and IT Service

Metelkova ulica 4 |  1000 Ljubljana |  T 01/40 07 927 |  F 01/40 07 986 | E

Celje Regional Office Glavni trg 1 |  3000 Celje |  T 03/42 60 300 |  F 03/42 60 303 |  E

Kranj Regional Office Tomšičeva ulica 7 |  4000 Kranj  |  T 04/28 07 311 | F 04/28 07 329 |  E

Ljubljana Regional Office Tržaška cesta 4 | 1000 Ljubljana |T 01/24 10 700 | F 01/42 56 112 | E

Maribor Regional Office Slomškov trg 6 | 2000 Maribor | T 02/22 84 800 | F 02/22 84 807 | E

Nova Gorica Regional Office Delpinova ulica 16 | 5000 Nova Gorica | T 05/33 08 450 | F 05/30 28 690 | E

Novo mesto Regional Office Skalickega ulica 1 | 8000 Novo mesto | T 07/39 31 540 | F 07/39 31 590 | E

Piran Regional Office Trg bratstva 1 | 6330 Piran/Pirano | T 05/67 10 941 | F 05/67 10 951 | E

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